Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 14

Don't count on a dog to get you up in the morning. I didn't set the alarm last night and the dogs didn't wake me up until almost 9 AM. By the time I fed Dot and Dash their breakfast, walked them in the park, made some pancakes for myself and did the dishes, it was time for lunch.

Spent the afternoon updating various websites I manage and learning how to use a new printer. This printer will print directly on printable CD's and DVD's, which looks a lot more professional than the paper labels I've been using. I got my company added to the Cvent Supplier Network. Hopefully, being a vendor on their website will bring in some additional event photography business.

The year-end East Lake Pet Orphanage meeting was this evening. I can't even remember how long I've been working with this group, but I'm still amazed at how successful it has become. The Internet wasn't always as important to the group as it is now. Animal Rescue used to be about taking three or four dogs to a local Petsmart on a Saturday afternoon. Now it's about Facebook and Twitter and putting video clips of all the adoptable pets on the website. I'm the technology guy, and I can't even keep up with it all anymore.

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