Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 11

Got up early this morning to take Janet to the airport for her flight to Pittsburgh. We arrived with over an hour to spare, but when we went to check her bags at the lower level of Terminal B at DFW, the skycap said we were two minutes too late for her flight and that the bags would have to fly to Pittsburgh on a later flight. It didn't matter that we were standing in line behind a family on a ski vacation with over a dozen bags who were totally confused about their flight arrangements. The skycap said there was nothing he could do. I remember a day, not that long ago, when there would have been at least three skycaps at the express check-in counter and things like this wouldn't have been a problem. Flying is always a problem these days. When my Dad was alive, he missed his plane several times because they made him take his shoes off at security and he couldn't get them on again fast enough to make it to his gate.  The man was 80 for Christ sake! This is just the way the airlines are these days. So, when Janet gets to Pittsburgh, she has two choices - wait four hours for her bags to arrive on the next flight or pay $85 to have American Airlines deliver them two days later.

I'm glad I stayed in Dallas.  All I have to do today is walk and feed the dogs and watch the latest episode of "Dr. Who" on BBC this evening.

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