Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 13

I looked up this morning while I was eating breakfast and noticed that another roof leak had appeared on the living room ceiling. Roof leaks have become the bane of my existence. Let me warn you. If you have your heart set on an authentic mid-century modern home, you can expect the roof to leak. Flat roofs just leak. There's nothing you can do about it. I own two mid-century modern homes and one roof or the other is always leaking. Mid-century Modern certainly doesn't mean "new" anymore. Both of these houses are old enough to be featured on This Old House. If the roof isn't leaking, the plumbing is.

I used to do things with friends. Now, I have become a full-time servant to inanimate objects. If you like stuff, eventually the stuff overwhelms you. It's hard to remember a day where something I needed wasn't broken. The Epson 4000 printer in the office seems to have perpetual ink clogs. There's almost always a watch that needs a battery replaced. Some things break because you use them too often and other things break because you don't use them often enough. You can't win. When the weather is too cold, I worry that the vintage guitars in my storage warehouse are going to crack and get ruined. When the weather gets too hot, I worry that my aging Defender 90 is going to overheat and leave me stranded somewhere. I'll really be stranded too, since I don't have a cell phone anymore. I used to have a cell phone that I really liked. This reliable, brick like, Oki 900 felt like a proper full-sized phone in my hand and had a keypad I could actually see. I used it until it became difficult to find batteries. Like many new technologies, this phone became obsolete long before I fully learned how to use it's many features.

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