Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 3

I took some new employee pictures for the Katy Trail Animal Hospital website this afternoon, including the office cat shown here.  I'm the Katy trail webmaster, but I do some photography for them as well. It's still a bit of an uphill battle to convince clients to let me be a combination copywriter, graphic designer, video editor, photographer and webmaster, but that's what I like to do best. In a world where niche specialties and teamwork are the order of the day, my Swiss Army Knife approach can take a while to get used to.  I must be doing something right though, since I've been in business for almost twenty years. I definitely don't think Google understands what I'm all about though. I've been experimenting with Google Adwords on my website recently in hopes of getting more photography business. So far it hasn't been a great success. Google tells me that based on keyword frequency, my site isn't about photography at all. It's about dogs!

I have to admit that I do like dogs, so maybe Google knows far more about me than I want them to. Tomorrow is certainly a day for the dogs. We're taking Dash, one of our Dalmatians, down to meet the cast of The 101 Dalmatians Musical. Maybe we'll get to meet the dogs starring in the show as well.  Dash got picked for this "meet and greet" event because he is gentle and good around children. Too bad he isn't equally as good around cats.

Dalmatian of the Day

     Watch of the Day

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