Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 1

It's odd in a way that it has taken me so many years to discover blogging.  I kept a hand written daily journal for over 15 years. I was one of the first to discover Compuserve using an clumsy sewing machine shaped Osborne computer and a 300 Baud modem.  Later, I became a fan of Usenet Newsgroups and posted on a daily basis to my favorite forums using a wide variety of early, and very slow, Macintosh computers.  When people began talking about something called "The World Wide Web," I was there, looking over the landscape using a new-fangled piece of software called Mosaic.  My own piece of online real estate, the Sealander & Company website, has been online since 1995. Over the years, what started as a simple five page site that was created over a long weekend, evolved into several hundred pages of stories, photos,  videos, stray thoughts and lame attempts to increase the size of my business without having to network or knock on doors.

Maybe this is why I never understood blogging.  I always used to think that my site actually was a blog. It certainly contained all the normal things you typically expect to find in a good blog.  I never made the Technorati Top 100 however.  Maybe it was because I would only update things once in a Blue Moon.  Maybe it was because I wasn't wild about having people comment about my creation. I finally had to admit that although my online domain was a very nice looking website, it certainly wasn't a blog.

So, in the spirit of those old hand written daily journals, where I used to waste an inordinate amount of time detailing what I ate for dinner and where I was traveling next, I will begin again with daily ramblings that hopefully evolve over time into something worth reading.  I can't promise literary greatness, but I will promise to write something new every day for at least six months.  FF4EW7N8EM6Z

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