Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 5

Sundays have always been about obsessions.  Years ago, I was obsessed with assembling a fashion photography portfolio and spend Sunday afternoons doing test shots of aspiring models.  A few years later, photography morphed into an obsession with writing songs, and I spent Sunday evenings recording aspiring singers and musicians in my home studio. Songwriting led, in turn, to my favorite Sunday obsession: playing bass for for five years with an obscure rock band called the Fabulous Has-Beens.  Every Sunday afternoon was band practice and even though the band dissolved years ago, I am still living in a house I discovered on the way home from practice one Sunday afternoon.

In recent years, my Sundays have been all about dogs.  Our own dogs, Dot and Dash get a long walk as soon as we get up.  Then, after breakfast, we go up to K-9 University in Garland to walk and feed the rescued Dalmatians from Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas.  When the strays have been fed and walked, we go home and take our own dogs across the street to Vheas Laundromutt for their weekly bath.  After a quick lunch for the dogs and ourselves, we take Dot and Dash to Unleashed, an amazing new indoor dog park, so they can play with other dogs.  (Interestingly, when we were at Unleashed this afternoon, we saw Malcolm, a dog we rescued ourselves and today's "Dalmatian of the Day," for the first time in several years.  He looked great and has a fabulous new home)  By the time we get home from the dog park, it's usually time for dinner and the dogs evening walk. After vacuuming up a weeks worth of dog hair after dinner, it's usually time for bed.

Dalmatian of the Day

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