Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 26

Another busy Sunday. We're trying to organize a Valentine's Day fundraiser for Dalmatian Rescue. Since the group did so well taking Santa Paws pictures over the Christmas holidays, we thought we might be able to expand the pet picture idea to other holidays as well. Unleashed invited us to take Valentines Day pictures down at their facility on February 6 and 7. Back in December, this seemed like a good weekend to schedule the photo session. Now that we're thinking more clearly and have realized that this is Superbowl weekend, we're wondering if anyone will show up. After the Dallas Cowboys beat the Eagles last night, some of our Dalmatian Rescue volunteers are convinced that Dallas is actually going to be playing in the Superbowl as well. It won't be easy to find volunteers on February 7.

Janet and I went down to the dog park this afternoon to see if we could reschedule the fundraiser for another day, but we couldn't find anyone who could give us a definite answer. Hopefully, we can find an alternate date to take the Valentines pictures, since I've already purchased a 10x20 pink muslin backdrop for the shoot. Volunteer work is every bit as complicated the as the work I do for my regular clients. The only difference is that I'm working for free. Sometimes it seems like I'm working for free for my regular clients as well, but that's another story.

I just noticed that the safety inspection sticker on my car is due again. One more thing I've got to find time to do next week. I wonder what percentage of my life is spent just paying bills, running routine errands and answering calls from telemarketers?  Whatever the percentage, it's way too high. At least the days are starting to get longer again. During December, the dogs usually got their evening walk in the dark. Now, we're beginning to see the sun again. We noticed another sunset bridal shoot along the lake on this evening's walk. Sunset photos must be popular with brides. I see them often.

Dot and Dash must be popular as well. I was surprised as how many people mentioned to us today that they'd seen the dog's picture in yesterday's paper. In a world where RSS newsfeeds update your computer every few minutes, it's easy to forget that people still read the newspaper.

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