Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 27

I got new safety inspection and registration stickers for my Defender 90 today. I remember when you used to take your car in for a safety inspection, a mechanic would poke around under the hood for a while and make his own determination about whether the vehicle was roadworthy or not. Now the entire process in computerized. Sensors are placed in the engine and tailpipe and a computer in Austin, Texas decides whether you pass or fail. I was lucky today. Usually, when I take my car for a safety inspection I have to sit reading old magazines in the garage for an hour or so. Today, we were in and out in less than twenty minutes.

I wasn't so quite lucky when I went up the street to the neighborhood Tom Thumb to get my new vehicle registration sticker. The clerk told me that I needed to go downtown and get new license plates this year because the plates on my car were seven years old. Damn! Another long line to stand in. When I finally got the new plates several hours later, they looked pretty flimsy. Evidently prisoners don't make license plates anymore. These looked like they were printed on tin foil at a local Kinkos store. I wish I could have just kept the old plates. It took me four years just to remember the number.

After wasting quite a few hours making my car legal again, I stopped by Aaron Brothers to pick up a framing order. The picture looks wonderful, but I have no idea where I am going to put it. All available wall space was used up years ago.

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