Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 56

We got another new customer today. That's always a good thing. The company seems to be developing a niche working with veterinarians. I've been quite pleased to see this develop, since I've always liked animals better than people anyway. It's still strange to me however, to see how word-of-mouth recommendations can make you an expert in areas you never would have expected. At previous points in my career, I've had short periods where I was considered an expert in oil and gas marketing, fashion photography and even German translation. Truthfully, I've never come close to being an expert in anything.

I think the only reason I've even been moderately successful is that I have an extremely short attention span. I can do the same thing over and over again and still approach a new project completely fresh, mostly because I have completely forgotten about all the other virtually identical projects I have already completed. At any rate, I'm delighted to have new problems to solve and a brand new website to develop.

It's amazing how a little nice weather can change things. One nice day with blue skies and suddenly I've got a new client, the Dow is up 150 points and I've even got a new follower on the blog. Let's pray for blue skies again tomorrow.

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  1. hmmm sounds a little like my menopause memory, giggle. Wishing you plenty of blue skies! Katherine
    P.S. look...more followers!