Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 60

I'm exhausted! I think we photographed twice as many dogs today as we did last Saturday at Unleashed. Maybe it wasn't actually twice as many dogs, but it certainly felt that way. Today's dogs were all over the place. I felt like everyone was happy with their pictures though. When the event was over and we were packing up to go home, the dog park events coordinator said she was delighted how things worked out and told us that Dalmatian Rescue was welcome back anytime we wanted to do another fundraiser. All in all, I think things worked out very well for the two Saturday event.

When I got back to the house around 5 PM, our two dogs were acting like I'd totally abandoned them. I fed them their dinner and we went on our evening walk, even though I would have much rather taken an evening nap instead. Our record snowfall is quickly becoming a memory. About the only thing that remains are the snowmen. I think every child in Dallas made a snowman this weekend. There are thousands of them all over town. I'm pretty sure we passed at least two dozen snowmen on our walk. Dot acted alarmed and barked at the snowmen as we approached. Dash just lifted his leg and peed. It was weird seeing all these snowmen sitting forlornly in grassy fields, but that's Dallas weather for you. I think it got up to 50 degrees this afternoon.

Maybe tomorrow I can get all the photo equipment put away again. Maybe I can get all the water off the roof as well. The melting snow is causing the roof to start leaking again. This is enough for one day though. As soon as I post this blog entry, I'm going to call it a day.

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