Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 87

I thought I'd go to Doctor's Hospital instead of Medical City to get my ultrasound test done today. Big mistake. They were so slow getting me checked in that I could have driven the extra distance and still been home an hour earlier if I went to Medical City instead. Appointment times seem to be meaningless to medical people. You can arrive early, late, or right on time and you're still going to sit in the waiting room for an hour.

The test itself was quick and painless. I asked the technician if my liver looked the same as all the other livers he'd looked at this week and he said it didn't look too bad. This wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for, so asked if he saw anything abnormal. "Well, I did see a little fat in the liver and the texture seemed a bit coarse to me," he answered in a matter of fact tone of voice. It sounded like he was describing a cut of meat in the Central Market meat department.

Maybe I should have been alarmed, but this just reminded me that I needed to pick up something for dinner at Central Market on the way home. I'm glad it's Friday. Even though I usually have the same amount of work to do on the weekends, it usually seems like a much more peaceful kind of work. The phone certainly doesn't ring as much anyway. I do miss having a Martini at the end of the day. It was a nice, relaxing way of saying that work was over for a while. Now that I've had to give up drinking, it seems like work is never over.

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