Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 119

When I run into people I haven't seen in a while, they inevitably ask me what I've been doing lately. Don't any of them read this blog? Every single day I tell people what I've been doing lately, and still they ask.

I've been a web developer for so long that practically everything I've done in the past twenty five years is plastered all over the Internet. Maybe I just need to provide a better road map to my thoughts. If you want to know how I feel about the workplace, my family, and the many cities I've visited over the years, you can read The Road to Nowhere. If you're curious why I prefer dogs to people, you can read Wag. If you wonder why I started rescuing Dalmatians, you can read Petey's Place. If you don't like to read at all, you can still listen to music I've written by going to the Songbook. Oddly, with so much of my life on public display, I still have an unlisted phone number.

I think writing is good for the mind. I write for the same reason that other people do Sudoku puzzles. It helps keep Alzheimer's at bay. Writing ought to be a lot more important in school than it currently is. The simple act of putting thoughts on paper engages the mind in ways that other activities simply can't. I can do complex visual tricks in Photoshop while listening to music. I need a quieter environment when I write. Maybe this is just because I'm not that great a writer. I do think writing is more complex than the visual things I do, however. I love photography and make my living designing websites, but writing is what makes me think.

So I write and I write. And when people I haven't seen in a while ask me what I've been doing lately, I inevitably say "Oh, not much...how about you?"

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