Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 120

The stars must not have been aligned correctly today. All kinds of things went wrong. None of the mishaps were all that serious, but some were definitely a bit surprising. This morning, a client called and said their website had disappeared and had been replaced by something else. Sure enough, when I took a look, the website actually had disappeared. They asked whether I had done anything to their site. Nope, it wasn't me. I asked whether anyone else had access to the server. Yep, quite a few people actually. When everyone had calmed down, we decided that one of these other people with access to the server would probably be a good place to start in solving this mystery. I noticed this evening that the real website was back in place, but I still don't know who took it down. Website maintenance is definitely a lot easier when I'm the only one with access to the sever.

I was just about ready to drop my taxes in the mail when I noticed that something was missing. Back I go to my accountant for the second time in two days. When I was picking up the missing form, I remembered that my new tenant was moving in tomorrow and I still hadn't reconnected the HVAC system. Back I go to the rental property for the second time in two days. I think I also forgot to take my Benicar pill this morning, but that happens so frequently that it's hardly worth mentioning.

The air conditioner did get fixed today, no thanks to Dot, who barked incessantly at Marty the repairman during the entire time he was here. I had hoped to replace the old round Honeywell thermostat with an identical analog unit. Not surprisingly, they don't make mechanical thermostats with mercury switches inside them anymore. I got something that was round and still said Honeywell on the front, but that was where the similarity ended. This thermostat was all digital on the inside. Slowly but surely, the analog world I love is completely disappearing.

Dash was still not on his best game at obedience class tonight. He kept jumping the gun on the recall exercise and he refused to lie down. He also tried to steal another dog's training treats, which didn't go over too well with the other dog. Maybe it just wasn't his day either.

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