Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 128

I thought I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. At least that's what it said on my calendar. I would have gone, except that I got a voicemail message yesterday afternoon reminding me that my appointment was for 2:45 PM on April 22. That's today. I tend to write things down on the the wrong day anyway, so I figured they were right. When I called this morning to confirm my appointment, they said the appointment was for yesterday. When I asked when they wanted to reschedule, they said there had been a cancellation and to come in at 2 PM this afternoon anyway. OK. I went in at 2 PM and ended up finally seeing the doctor at 4 PM. This pretty well sums up health-care in a nutshell.

One of my German clients wrote me today and asked if I'd like to meet him in Houston for dinner next week while he was in town for a conference. I couldn't tell if he thinks I jet around the country for meals or if he just thought Texas is a lot smaller than it actually is. It would be a piece of cake to meet him in Fort Worth for dinner, but Houston is pretty far away. I really ought to try my best to go anyway. We'll see. Four or five years ago this was a really good client of mine and I remember that their budgets were a lot bigger than the veterinarians I work with these days.

I enjoyed the Project Runway finale tonight. Emilio, Seth Aaron and Mila all had strong collections. On some of the previous seasons I could tell who would win in advance, but this time I didn't have a clue. Any of the final three could have won. Maybe Seth Aaron won because there was a bit more showmanship in his collection. The judges do seem to give a bit more weight to the wow factor in a collection than to whether it could sell in stores. Seth Aaron did deserve to win though. One reason I like this show so much is because it is completely real. This isn't something contrived like Survivor. The contestants on Project Runway truly want to become sucessful fashion designers and they put their heart and soul into it.

I know that most of the Entrecard folks out there probably don't even look at this part of the blog, but if any of you actually are reading this, I've got a question for you. How on earth do find the time to drop on enough widgets to get a consistently high ranking? For the past week or so I've been putting my heart and soul into dropping and I still find it almost impossible to visit more than 200 blogs a day. The whole process is becoming way too time consuming. Even "time savers" like Entredropper and Buckets seem to take almost as much time as manually hopping from blog to blog. Opening a ton of tabs in Firefox inevitably crashes my browser too, especially if you are unlucky enough to load three or four blogs in a row that all have YouTube videos running. Yeah, I know it's silly to be competitive about Entrecard, but it is kind of addictive. At least I'm not spending my days playing Farmville or Second Life.

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