Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 132

Be careful what you ask for. When I was an ad agency copywriter, I always wanted to do the art direction and photography as well. Now, I can do all these things, but jumping back and forth from one discipline to another often leaves my brain feeling like scrambled eggs. I spent the morning doing research for an article I'm writing for a Brazilian petrochemical company about how front-end engineering design saves money and improves efficiency. This afternoon I worked on a Mother's Day poster featuring Dot wearing glasses and reading a cookbook. In between, I finally managed to finish a Flash presentation I'd been promising one of my veterinarian clients for months now. Each of these things was very different and I don't multi-task well, so it's been a confusing day to say the least.

It would be nice if I could spend my days taking amusing pictures of Dot and Dash, but I'm not quite in the same league with William Wegman and his Weimaraners. Until then, I still need pay the bills by writing very technical ads and marketing materials for large multi-national corporations. Hopefully, this new project doesn't involve any foreign languages. Occasionally, I have to translate my input material from German into English before I can even begin. Since I don't know a single word of Portuguese, I hope the folks I need to interview in Brazil speak good English.

When I was taking the dogs on their evening walk, I noticed that the Texas wildflowers are already more abundant than they've been for many years. It must be all the rain we had this Winter. In two or three weeks the flowers ought to be in full bloom. Now that the stock photo agency is finally accepting my pictures, I really need to set aside some time to photograph the wildflowers at their peak. Everyone says they are going to be quite beautiful this year.

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