Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 161

If today was a battle between the high-tech and low-tech forces in my life, low-tech definitely won. I had to return the Bluetooth headset I got the other day because I couldn't figure out how to pair it with my iPad. I tried and tried, but it just wouldn't work. I should have known better than to buy anything without an Apple logo on it and expect it to work with an Apple product. I've been down this road before. At any rate, after a quick Google search, I discovered that nobody could get their Bluetooth headsets to work with their iPads. Even though the iPad has built-in Bluetooth capabilities, it apparently doesn't work with 99% of the Bluetooth devices out there. It will work fine with a cordless Apple keyboard, but that's about it. I guess Apple really doesn't want you to use the thing as a telephone.

So, how did low-tech win so easily today?  I needed to buy some sandals, because it's starting to get way too hot outside to continue wearing my Red Wing work boots for walking the dogs. I went down to DSW Shoe Warehouse and tried on a pair I liked. They fit. I bought them. And that's all there was to it. Now, why can't technology be a bit more like buying shoes?

My German clients liked the initial draft of my petrochemical story, except they want me to make it twice as long. Yikes! Does this mean I'm going to have to double my limited knowledge of oil refineries? I certainly hope not. I think it does mean that I'm going to have to do a few more telephone interviews with people in foreign countries though.

There was no sign of the gas company repair crew in the back alley today. I sure hope they fixed the gas leak yesterday. Maybe I ought to wait a while before doing any outdoor barbecuing.

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