Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 165

I wish you could buy groceries on the iTunes store. It's so easy to purchase stuff on iTunes that it's easy to forget you've actually bought anything. Well, it's easy to forget until you look at your charge card bill a month or so later anyway. I've already bought quite a few apps for my iPad. If only buying software for a regular computer was so easy and inexpensive. I'd love to be able to click a button on my office computer and buy Adobe CS-5 for ten bucks and then watch the whole thing being automatically installed in less than a minute.

Unfortunately, grocery shopping is one thing I still can't do on iTunes. Every Saturday, I have to deal with this chore in person. The supermarket was crowded today and everyone except me had their buggies filled with potato chips, hot dog buns, beer, watermelons and anything else you could conceivably eat on a Memorial Day picnic. The store where I shop has all these little kiosks scattered around where people can sample food. There was total gridlock at one kiosk where a vendor was cutting hot dogs in half and giving them away. People were waiting in line for ten minutes just to get their hands on half of a hot dog. This isn't my idea of fun. As I watched all the people queue up to wait for free food, I couldn't wait to get out of there.

It's not officially Summer yet, but it's starting to feel that way. It was over 90 degrees this afternoon and very humid.  Every year about this time I seriously question why I ever moved to Texas. I used to live in Seattle and the weather was much nicer there. I think it came down to a choice between nice weather and a nice job. I picked the job, but I still miss the mild weather.

Along with the warmer weather comes a host of new things to watch out for when I walk the dogs. Last month it was poison ivy. This month it's snakes. The snakes have all come out of hibernation and they're everywhere in the park. There are at least ten species of snakes that are native to this area, and I can never remember which ones are the poisonous ones. I almost stepped on a huge snake on our afternoon walk. It was over four feet long and looked suspiciously like a Water Moccasin. You never know what dogs are going to do around a snake, so I try to stay as far away from them as possible. Even snakes aren't going to keep the hordes of picnickers away this weekend though. By Tuesday morning, half the stuff I saw piled in people's grocery buggies this afternoon will be littered all over the park.

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  1. Snakes! Eek! I'm not "afraid of snakes" at all - but if I was in Texas and there were LOTS of snakes outside, I would be wary - especially with dogs and kids. When my brother was young he once ran in yelling, "URM, Mommy Urm!" My mother thought he found a worm and said how wonderful that was. Then my brother said, "No Mommy, BIG URM!" Sure enough it was a venomous snake, and he had allowed it to crawl over his foot!

    I hope the dogs leave them all alone :)