Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 173

It felt like a wake when we took the dogs down to Unleashed this afternoon. All the regulars were extremely sad that the park was going out of business next week. We'd gotten to know a lot of these people and some had become good friends. We live close to the park, but many people drove forty or fifty miles every single week, just so their dogs could play here. Everyone wondered what they were going to do when the park was gone. Although it had been in business just a little over a year, the park had become an important part of all our lives. I wonder how many other small businesses are being destroyed by this economy. Many successful businesses are seasonal in nature and have always depended on bridge loans or a line of credit to get through their slow season. The banks aren't lending anymore though. If you want a loan these days you have to go through the government, and the government is mired in red tape. I think Unleashed simply ran out of time.

My own business has been hurt by the economy too. Luckily, what I do is not seasonal in nature. I'm glad I don't have to depend on a line of credit to get through slow periods. Life is stressful enough already. Something has to be done though. If you want to buy a house these days, you just about have to get an FHA loan from the government.  Banks don't want to lend you the money anymore. Small businesses are even in worse shape than individuals. Nobody wants to lend them money.

We brought a new dog up to the K-9 University kennels this week. She was abandoned by her owners after she had a litter of 18 mixed-breed puppies. Luckily, both the mom and the pups are safe. We rescued Wendy, the mom, and another rescue group that has good luck placing puppies took all 18 of the pups after they were weaned. I took pictures of Wendy today, so we could get her up on the Dalmatian Rescue website. She's today's Dalmatian of the Day as well. I am continually amazed at how many dogs are abandoned by their owners. This is Day 173 on the blog and I haven't repeated a dog of the day yet. That's a lot of dogs. Keep in mind that this is just a single rescue group, operating in a single town, trying to help a single breed of dogs. When you realize that the same thing is happening to all breeds of dogs in hundreds of cities all over the country, the total number of abandoned animals is simply staggering. Wendy will get a home though. I think that's all you can do these days. Concentrate on the little things and just hope you are making a difference.

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