Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 182

I had lunch today with Jim Hradecky. Jim hired me at Bozell & Jacobs to work on the American Airlines account. We later worked together at Stern Monroe. That was a long time ago. Neither of those ad agencies even exist anymore. I haven't seen Jim in years, but LinkedIn brought us together again. I don't know if LinkedIn actually helps anyone with their business, but it certainly is good for finding old friends.

It was enjoyable catching up on things over lunch at Ziziki’s. Jim told me funny stories about making commercials with Jimmy Dean, the recently deceased singer and sausage king. I told Jim stories about having dinner with Rudy Vallee and Jim's old boss Stan Richards. Most of our stories were about things that happened a long time ago. Nothing very interesting has happened in advertising in recent years.

When I got back from lunch, there was a call on the answering machine saying that my computer had been repaired and that I needed to come pick it up. Oddly, I've gotten used to using my older spare computer and don't really feel like going back to the newer one again. I've still got to go pay for the repair though. Then I'll have to decide what to do with the computer. The older G-4 Mirror Door that I'm using now works perfectly with the older software I prefer to use. I just wonder how long I can avoid the inevitable day when everything in my entire office is officially obsolete.

The blog is almost six months old. I enjoy writing everyday more than I thought I would, but I'm already getting tired of clicking on Entrecard widgets. Dropping takes way too much time when there's work to finish and deadlines to meet. I wonder if some people just hire their kids to do their dropping for them. Maybe that's how kid's earn their allowance these days. 

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  1. i smiled reading this line - 'I'm already getting tired of clicking on Entrecard widgets.' very true. i stopped long time ago for my first personal blog but i have a new blog now that needs promotion. and i noticed it is not true what people are saying that the ratio is 3:1, i.e., for every 3 drops you get one. i think most entrecard participants are getting tired, too. hehe

    btw, i noticed that this journal is very neat. never seen one so simple and very organized.