Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 198

The high point of the day was going to Northpark and getting a haircut. Yes, it really was that slow today. I used to get a haircut more often, but I don't see the point anymore. The dogs don't care what I look like and all the others, who increasingly prefer e-mail to face-to-face visits, have forgotten what I look like. Betty did give me a good haircut though. Even if it was just for me.

I've been shopping at Northpark for years, but lately the place is starting to seem pretty strange. Northpark is filled with ultra high-end boutiques that are absolutely empty. The mall is full of people, but they are all wandering around outside the stores talking on their cell phones. I've never seen a single customer enter some of the ritzy stores. I wonder how they stay in business. There used to be a Porsche Design store near the Neiman Marcus end of the mall. I would wander in occasionally to look at expensive watches and ball point pens. I never actually bought anything because it was all ridiculously expensive. After four years the store closed because nobody bought anything. I have a feeling that the same thing is going to happen to a lot of these other stores.

Seeing all the people talking on their cell phones reminded me to stop by the Apple store and take a look at the new iPhone 4. Wow! This thing is beautifully designed. It feels good in your hand; the same way a Leica camera feels good in your hand. I would have bought one of these phones on the spot if I ever talked to anyone on the phone. I definitely don't need this thing, but it is so pretty that I'll probably come up with an excuse to buy one anyway. The phone is almost worth buying for the camera alone. It would be cool to have a camera this small in my pocket when I walked the dogs.

Even though I've taken thousands of dog pictures, I'm eventually going to run out of Dalmatians for my Dalmatian of the Day feature. I'm wondering if any of you guys have a Dalmatian that you'd like to see featured as the Dalmatian of the Day?  If you do, send me an e-mail and attach a picture of your dog. I'll be happy to make your dog the Dalmatian of the day when I run out of rescue pictures.

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