Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 203

When I finished my employee picture assignment, I went over to the pet orphanage to see how the dog and goat were doing. While I was there, the sheriff came and took the goat away! I couldn't believe it. Evidently, it is illegal to keep farm animals inside the city limits, or inside a building, or something equally silly. When the sheriff's department saw the goat on TV, they were immediately on the case. Judy, the Great Dane, was really upset when they took her goat away. Since I still had my camera with me, I took pictures of the whole episode and immediately put them up on the orphanage website. In less than an hour, I got a frantic call asking me to take the pictures down. The orphanage wanted to try quiet diplomacy to get the goat back and didn't want to anger the sheriff's department. I guess I've been in advertising too long. I took the pictures down, but still don't understand why quiet diplomacy is so great when creating a public spectacle would get the job done quicker.

This has got to be a big PR blunder for the city. Along comes a genuine "warm and fuzzy" human interest story about two unique animal pals. The story gets picked up by all the major television stations in the area and quickly goes viral. News affiliates all over the country are running the story now. What does the city do?  It splits up the two best friends and quarantines the goat.

After the goat episode, the rest of my day was pretty boring. I watched Dash act like a goat, trying to eat trash in the park that had been left behind by Forth of July picnickers. I took two watches over to my watch repairman that immediately quit working after I featured them as my Watch of the Day. That was about it. Not surprisingly, the Dow closed up 57 points today after I decided to go short last week.

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  1. Darn it! Can't the shelter find someone outside the city limits to foster the two friends. That's a real bummer.

  2. Man, that's tough, with all three parties trying to do what they see as the right thing, yet they're all different things.

    And there's never a cop around when you NEED one.