Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 210

I went down to DG Fast Channel this morning to get a duplicate master made of the video I shot yesterday. I'd never even seen the footage until today. With all the humidity problems I'd had with the camera, I was afraid the the tape might have been damaged. I didn't want to risk running it through my tape machines until I had a protection master in my hands. Everything was fine though. As it turned out, I actually got some pretty good shots of the big reunion of the goat with the dog. I'm still not sure what the National Geographic Channel wants to do with this footage, but at least I won't be embarrassed when I send it to them. I've heard that the show Unlikely Animal Friends wants to do an entire segment on Judy and Minnelli later this Summer. I'm sure that the three legged dog will be part of the story now as well. It would be nice if some of the video I shot yesterday makes it to the final show. I'd be surprised if my footage survives however. I'm sure that Unlikely Animal Friends will bring their own film crew to Dallas and recreate the entire story from start to finish.

I spent so much time on the goat story today that now I'm behind on some of my other jobs. I've actually got too much time on a couple of these jobs, so I'm not worried about missing any deadlines. I'll probably be caught up again by Thursday. The problem with having too much time is that everything about the job except your budget always ends up changing. I'd rather have a tight deadline. On jobs with amorphous deadlines, you can count on doing a lot more work for less money.

Dash had to go to the vet again today. Nothing serious. Ever since we discovered that he had a weak heart valve, we've been experimenting with his diet in hopes of finding something that provided more protein but didn't cause the crystals in his urine to return. Today he just had a routine urinalysis to check for crystals.

I didn't hear anything about my car today. I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news. I know it will be bad news when it comes time to pay the bill.

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  1. Glad the friends are together! And that you have paying jobs to do. I could use some of that.

  2. That is great that the dog and goat are back together. Hope they use your video. I would love to see the video. Have a great day.