Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 228

They say the secret to happiness is staying busy. I heard it on TV this morning while I was eating breakfast. Apparently, doing something mindless keeps you happy just as effectively as doing something important too. I've certainly got the "doing something mindless" part of the equation down pretty well. I just don't enjoy staying busy all the time. Some of my most enjoyable moments are when I'm doing absolutely nothing. Janet ought to be happy. She is constantly busy. If I'm busy, it's only because I am disciplined enough to finish everything I start. In a perfect world, I would prefer to just sleep eighteen hours a day like the dogs do. To me, Dot and Dash are actually pretty good role models.

No rest for the weary tonight. Dalmatian Rescue is hosting another of our Casino Night fundraisers. I'll be spinning the roulette wheel again. We haven't had a Casino Night for quite a while, so I'm a bit rusty on the odds for all the different bets you can place. It's a simple game though. It all comes back quickly once we get started. Roulette isn't all that different than investing. You hand over your money. You spin the wheel. You lose your money. There are ways to beat the dealer at blackjack, but with roulette the house always wins. Although the basic odds of red or black turning up are 50/50, the two zeros on the wheel guarantee that the house eventually wins.

I ought to be real happy now because I stayed busy the entire day doing mindless things. I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to get the big production printer unclogged again. When I finally got the printer working, I couldn't think of anything I needed to print. Typical for me. I did need to do the laundry though, so I did that instead. Add in the usual Saturday grocery shopping and that's about it for the day. At least I don't need to fret about missing Dr. Who while I'm doing my stint as a roulette dealer this evening. I think the series is over for the year.

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  1. I spent yesterday at my parents. Today, I have to take care of the laundry and get ready for BlogHer.

  2. I'm gonna be SO ready for some mindless in a few weeks. Have been working on an all new media about the NCT for two weeks. Has to be done by tomorrow am (I think I'll make it), and then I leave for my final hike, and then the NCTA conference. When I get home I have a week to prepare, since I volunteered to cook for a volunteer vacation work week on the trail. About Aug 23 I come up for air. Too bad I don't get paid for any of this.