Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 230

Help me out here guys. Kobe has dropped to eighth place in this year's Purina Rally-to-Rescue Doing More For Pets competition. This dog had been hit by a car and his injuries were still untreated when we found him. He couldn't even walk. Dalmatian Rescue helped provide the necessary surgeries and extensive physical therapy he needed and Kobe now walks completely normally again. It's a great rehabilitation story and Kobe really deserves to win the competition. If each of you could take a few seconds to click here and vote for Kobe, he might be able to regain first place again. If you've got a Facebook page, put the link on your wall too. You can only vote once, but every vote counts.

I had to take my aging Beta-SP camera to the Bexel repair center in Irving today using my equally aging Defender 90. Ordinarily, this journey wouldn't be worth mentioning, but the temperature was 106 this afternoon and my car overheats badly on days like this. When I stopped at a stop light or got stuck in traffic, I watched the oil temperature gauge climb dangerously close to the red line. Every few miles I would see cars stranded by the side of the road with their hoods open and frustrated drivers calling for help on their cell phones. I kept thinking that my car would soon be joining these victims of the heat, but somehow we successfully completed the thirty five mile trip and made it home again. Needless to say, I'm ready for Winter. Maybe we could skip the rainy season, but cooler weather would be great.

Dash gets his teeth cleaned tomorrow. We got the results of his ultrasound exam today and it looks like his new higher protein diet is already helping his heart muscles grow stronger. At any rate the vet gave him a thumbs up for the dental exam and we'll get all the plaque cleaned off his teeth, so we won't have to worry about gum disease. I probably need to go to the dentist myself. I'm pretty faithful about keeping the dogs teeth cleaned, but I'll use any excuse to postpone a trip to my own dentist.

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  1. kobe's is a good rescue story. i also like the concept of the contest - so i voted :)

  2. Thanks Sam!

    When you listen to all the stories, you quickly realize that every single dog nominated this year has a fabulous story. You'd still like to see your own dog win though. I've spent a lot of time with Kobe, taking him back and forth to his physical therapy sessions and helping with his recovery after surgery. He's a really great dog and I hope he wins.