Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 237

I took my car back to the dealer this morning to get the overheating problem fixed and was pleased to discover that my loaner car was a pretty new LR-2. It looked just like Janet's car except this one was white instead of charcoal. I could probably buy myself a car like this with all the money I've dumped into keeping mine repaired. It turns out my overheating problem was caused by a broken fan clutch. My service representative said this was an easy problem to fix. Basically all I do is hand over $550 and it's good as new.

With my car problems taken care of, I headed downtown to take a look at the video tape I shot yesterday. I'm superstitious about master tapes. I will never look at or edit them until I have a duplicate master in hand. I almost always get my dubs made at DG Fast Channel because they have up-to-date equipment and they'll make the dubs while I wait. The tape I shot actually looked pretty good considering the weird lighting I had to deal with. There was sunlight streaming in through the restaurant windows, mercury vapor lighting overhead, and a 3200K quartz light mounted on my camera. It was just about impossible to get the color temperature perfect. The tape looked good though and I'll send it off to National Geographic. Truthfully, I'm still surprised that there's anything on the tape at all when I finish shooting something. I should be more confident after years of filming everything under the sun, but I've learned the hard way that it's better to be safe than sorry. It's almost a rule that if a piece of equipment can fail, it will probably fail when I'm using it.

Don't worry. The dogs still got their morning walk. The Land Rover dealer opens at 7 AM, so I was able to get an early start to the day. Normally Monday's aren't this busy, but I managed to get everything done anyway. The dogs walked a little later than normal, my pancake breakfast turned into a pancake lunch, but by 2 PM I had Dreamweaver running on my computer and was updating websites just like I usually do.

There's still plenty to do. I've got to get this month's invoices out tomorrow. Dash also needs to go back to the vet around noon for a follow up visit to check on his dental work. Almost every day is filled with routine but necessary tasks. Unless something unexpected happens, photographing a goat will probably end up being the high point of my week.

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