Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 246

I drove up to the Lewisville fire station this morning to take pictures of Beans, the fire chief's Dalmatian. Beans seemed to really enjoy her job as the official fire house dog. I guess she takes after the other firefighters. I've spent a lot of time taking pictures inside fire stations over the years and I am always amazed at how much firefighters love their jobs. Even though it has to be a stressful and often dangerous job, I've never ever heard a firefighter complain about what they do. In just about every other profession, people hate their jobs. Firefighters are different. They are proud of what they do, and almost universally enjoy what they do. Any time I spend time with firemen, I leave kind of wanting to be a fireman myself. I'd make a terrible fireman though. I'm too clumsy. I'd probably accidentally start more fires than I put out.  I'm still not sure why I was asked to come take pictures today. The fire chief is a pretty good photographer himself. When he was showing me some pictures he had taken of Beans, I thought his were better than mine.

On the way home from the fire station, I stopped by DG Fast Channel to get protection masters made of the video tape I shot yesterday. The video looked good. Just looking at the footage, it would be hard to convince anyone that the interviews were a chaotic mess. On tape, the goat and the two dogs looked quiet and well behaved. It just goes to show you that you can't believe everything you see.

I'm starting to see similarities between Dash and the goat.  Dash is certainly as stubborn as a goat. Tonight at obedience class, he didn't feel like sitting. As soon as I'd turn my back, he'd immediately lie down. I had to put him back in a sitting position five or six times during the long sit exercise. In Dash's defense, it was awfully hot and muggy today though. I felt like taking a nap myself.

We finally got a little rain today while I was out running arrands. I was initially glad to see the rain, since our yard could really use the water. I changed my mind quickly though when I came home and saw a big puddle of water on the living room floor. The roof leak is back again.
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