Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 254

Today, I needed to move Duke, one of the new Dalmatian Rescue dogs, from a veterinary hospital in South Dallas to the K-9 University kennels in North Dallas. Duke reminds me a lot of Dash. Why? Well for starters, he is young and he doesn't like to ride in the car. Duke barked all the way up to the kennel and by the time we arrived I felt like I'd been sitting front row center at a Metallica concert. I like Duke though. He is a nice, very friendly dog, even if he does have a bark that could wake the dead.

I thought I'd have time today to get all the new pictures I've been taking up on my client's websites, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. By the time I'd finished walking Dot and Dash, taken Duke where he needed to go, and made a quick trip to the bank, the day was half over. Our cooler weather certainly didn't last long. It felt like an oven outside today and I found myself wondering if I had just imagined yesterday. Despite the heat, I did get quite a bit done on the new medical clinic website, but I can already feel the lethargy setting in.

I've started noticing that two or three days after I write about something on the blog, I begin getting tons of spam e-mail about exactly the same subject. Coincidence? I don't think so. I wonder if this sort of thing happens to anyone else? Is blogging making me a spam magnet? I do get a lot of spam anyway, so maybe this is just coincidental. All I know is that the subject matter of my junk mail now tracks perfectly with what I'm writing about on the blog.

Tomorrow is Dot's birthday. We make a bigger fuss about the dog's birthday's these days than we do about our own. There's nothing wrong with that though. After all, Dalmatians are the original party animals.

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  1. What an adorable dalmatian picture! Is that Duke? I seem to get spam related to things I recently searched for through Swagbucks. But I have a good filter, and I've earned $30 already on SB, so I can handle it.