Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 255 - Dot's Birthday

The dogs love a party. Actually they love anything where food is involved, but birthdays are special because they get to eat cake. For several years we've been making Dot and Dash special sugar free birthday cakes. I even took a cake decorating class at Central Market a few years ago so I could learn to make a better looking dog cake. Several people have told us that we ought to start selling these cakes, but that probably isn't a good idea. They take way too long to make. The only reason we started making them in the first place was that the dog cake company we used to buy from went out of business. Nobody is going to get rich making fancy dog cakes.

Now that we have less time for baking, we take the dogs out to dinner instead. Cafe Lago has a special dog menu that is prepared by the restaurant's chef. Tasty doggie entrees like meatloaf and grilled chicken are good enough to order for yourself. The dogs love coming here so much that they've both become extremely well behaved. I think they know that if they start barking and bothering the other diners, they are going to get kicked out of the place and won't be invited back again. It's kind of amazing how well behaved they are at the restaurant, considering how bad they can be normally. When we take them out to eat, we could easily pass the pair off as guide dogs for the blind. They never act this politely at home.

Since I didn't have any compelling reason to leave the office today, I got a huge amount of work done on the new websites I'm currently developing. I wish I could figure out a way to design websites faster. My websites are a lot like my dog cakes. They are all one of a kind, and they seem to take forever to put together. My clients seem to love what I do, but I'm not really making all that much money, mostly because the whole process is so slow. I probably should have stuck to copywriting. I'm a fast writer, but I'm a very slow website designer.

I've got to go take pictures of Duke, the new Dalmatian Rescue dog, this weekend.  Some of you thought that yesterday's Dalmatian of the Day was Duke. Nope. That was Cammy.  I didn't have time to take pictures of Duke yesterday. I never seem to have time to do things when it would make the most sense.

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  1. How do you make a dog cake, how different is it from regular cake? I'd love to bake one for my doggy's birthday in November. A restaurant that caters to dog sounds wonderful, I don't think we have any here in the country.

    Watch of the day looks nice too :)

  2. A very happy birthday to Dot! I'm working hard too, but at getting an ebook ready to publish.