Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 257

When I was walking the Dalmatian Rescue dogs this morning, I spotted something in the bushes where the dogs like to pee. On closer inspection, what I saw turned out to be a large bolt cutter, an even larger crow bar, a black ski mask and a pair or rubber gloves. For a brief moment I looked at the bolt cutter and thought, "Hmm, I could use a tool like this" and then I looked at the ski mask and thought "I'd better not even touch this stuff." I was pretty sure these were burglary tools that had been dumped here after a break in. When the other dog walkers caught up with us, Ann called the police. I heard her say, "We'll be easy to find...just look for a bunch of Dalmatians." When the police arrived, they told us that there had been a string of burglaries in the area recently and that a crow bar had been used to gain entry. The thieves had been stealing narcotics from local doctor's offices. The police thanked us for our help and carefully put the tools in the squad car so they could take them in for fingerprinting.

We might have solved a crime, just because my dog had to pee. So, all you people who still think that Dalmatians are the Paris Hilton's of the dog world, I've got news for you. These guys are crime fighters too.

Dash finally had some other dogs to play with when we went up to the Wagging Tail dog park this afternoon. The temperature was cooler today, so when we got to the park there were about a dozen people already there with their dogs. Dot doesn't really enjoy playing with other dogs, but Dash loves it. I think he's actually starting to look forward to the Sunday car trip now. Today, there was no panic at all. He mostly just sat in the back seat and looked out the window.

It's hard to believe that August is almost over. A lot of things on my Summer to-do list never got done at all. I never got around to putting new St. Augustine sod in the back yard. I never fixed the big bathroom mirror or the leaking shower pan. I haven't even worn most of the new Summer clothes I bought a couple of months ago. In fairness, I did stay busy and a lot of stuff came up that I wasn't planning on at all. I guess it doesn't really matter. There's always next year. Oh, and before I guys who were wondering what Duke looked like. He's today's Dalmatian of the Day.

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