Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 262

I was really busy today, but the weather was so nice that I feel foolish complaining about anything. Even driving around to all my meetings wasn't so bad, because today was one of those rare Dallas days where you could actually open your car windows and still feel comfortable. By all appearances, the nice weather put other people in a good mood as well. Both my website presentations went extremely well, and I think we are ready to take the sites online.

The only snag in today's smooth sailing was that one of my client's websites simply disappeared. My job for the weekend is to find the truant site and bring it back online again. I suspect that the client was trying to move the DNS and ended up transferring the domain incorrectly. Who knows though? There are a lot of reasons why the site could disappear. The ISP could have gone out of business. Hackers could have taken the site down. Maybe someone simply let the domain name expire. I'll find the missing site though. I know it's out there somewhere.

I'm ready for Hatch Chili month to be over at Central Market. For the past three weeks everything in the chef prepared section has been made with Hatch Chiles. I'll admit that they are tasty little peppers, but enough is enough. I've had Hatch Chili Twice Baked Potatoes, Hatch Chili Risotto, Hatch Chili Chicken Salad, Hatch Chili Tacos, Hatch Chili Borracho Beans, and Hatch Chiles stuffed with shrimp. It's definitely time for something new.

Hatch Chiles or not, I'll take Central Market over the stock market any day of the week. I'm increasing frustrated with my investments. Now that I've hedged my bets against the possibility of a "double dip" downturn, it's almost impossible to make any money. When the market has a good day like it did today, my inverse ETF's go down and cancel out all my gains. On the other hand, when the market tanks like it did earlier this week, my stocks go down and cancel out whatever I'm making from my short positions. I've got all these sophisticated strategies, but I could probably do just as well by putting my money under a mattress.

I'm glad we've got a three day weekend coming up. Usually by the third day of a three day weekend, we've actually gotten caught up enough to relax and enjoy the extra day. I think every weekend should be a three day weekend.

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  1. yes, i agree weekend should be a 3 day weekend. Especially here in the US as what I've observed people doesn't know much about relaxation :-)