Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 275

Yay! I finally got the petCam to work. You might wonder why I even need a petCam. I rarely go anywhere and the dogs are seldom more than two feet away. Some people call Dalmatians the Velcro dogs because they always seem to be glued to your side. There's a much bigger chance of me stepping on them while they're under my desk than needing to watch them from across town on my iPhone. Nevertheless, I had to have the petCam.

This is so typical of me. I'll spend untold hours fiddling with things that are absolutely useless in my daily life and then run out of time to do the essentials. I did manage to learn a few things about wireless networks and port forwarding during my struggle to master streaming video, but if history is any guide, I'll be quick to forget everything again. If the petCam ever quits working, I'm sure it will take me just as long to figure it out a second time as it did the first.

Project Runway was interesting tonight. The challenge for the contestants was to create a sportswear look inspired by Jackie Kennedy. Nobody seemed to have a clue about Jackie Kennedy or fashion in the 60's. Even Mondo's winning look somehow missed the mark. I can't imagine Jackie wearing anything I saw tonight. I know the whole idea was to use Jackie as a muse and then update the look to make it "fashion forward." How can you update something you don't even understand though? The 60's could just as well been medieval England to these guys. The judges weren't very kind this evening, but they were kinder than I would have been. I would have sent several people home.

David, the neighborhood jeweler, called this afternoon and said he'd managed to repair the little Russian pendant watch I gave him last month. I probably shouldn't have even bothered to have the watch fixed since it isn't worth much, but I like to see things working. The watch is just another version of the petCam story. I'm fascinated with watches, but I don't even care what time it is. I'm late everywhere I go.

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  1. "I'm fascinated with watches, but I don't even care what time it is" - Love it! That must be the basis for some story.