Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 276

I had to go out to Bexel again today to pick up some equipment for an upcoming video shoot and on the way home I found myself caught in rush hour traffic with a beautiful white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in front of me and a rusty old beater behind me that had plastic bags duct taped to the door to cover a broken window. This stark contrast pretty well sums up Dallas these days. Even though Northpark has transformed itself into a Texas version of Rodeo Drive, there are still plenty of nearby Wall Marts filled with people buying groceries with their Lone Star Cards.

I kind of straddle both worlds. On a slow month, I could easily qualify for public assistance myself, but I would never consider it in my wildest dreams. I think everyone needs to earn their own way in this world. I'm convinced that absolutely anyone can be successful. There isn't really any secret to success. It's mostly just hard work. I remember one of my first supervisors telling me that it was important that I always acted professional in everything I did. I asked him what "professional" meant and he said "it's the ability to do good work when you're having a bad day." It's really that simple. I never forgot that.

I don't know whether the woman driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in front of me got the car through hard work or not. There's probably an interesting story though. There aren't very many of these cars in the entire country. I do know that Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer was the first person in America to buy one. I think Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson has one too. Hard worker or not, I'm sure the woman in the Lamborghini had a valid driver's license, which is a lot more than I could say for the driver in the beater behind me.

When I got home I still had work to do. Somehow all my Thursday website work has gradually slipped to Friday. I was busy today. Initially, these recurring website updates started coming to me on Tuesday, so maybe if I wait long enough they will continue to slip all the way back to Tuesday again. I used to be bothered by all these delays, but I'm slowly learning to love them. I've always though of myself as fairly slow, but if the rest of the world is even slower, it makes me look good.

I've almost had the iPhone a month now. I take it everywhere. I use the GPS maps to find client meetings quickly when I'm running late. I use the weather radar to find little dry pockets to walk the dogs on rainy days. I even used the petCam today to check on Dot and Dash while I was out at the Bexel offices. There's only one thing I haven't done with the phone yet. I haven't called anyone. I guess I'm not a typical cell phone user.

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  1. Had to laugh at not making a call yet. We've gone to all cell phones, and I hate it. Now I have the opportunity to be annoyed at any time or place, and then to be able to hear only every other word.