Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 287

It's official now. I'm going to be featured in a Paypal ad campaign. I was getting calls from wardrobe coordinators and photo stylists throughout the day telling me what to wear and what to bring to the San Francisco photo shoot. I think the art director at the ad agency wants me to be holding two Dalmatian puppies in my lap for the photo. I need to wear something dark, because the puppies will probably pee on me. I'm glad the ad agency wants to feature how Paypal helps Dalmatian Rescue raise money for our rescue dogs instead of how Paypal helps me waste money on watches. I actually like Paypal, so doing an ad with them ought to be fun.

It's strange being on the other side of the camera though. I've written and photographed hundreds of ads for all types of companies, but I'm very seldom actually in them. I need to remember to keep my mouth shut and refrain from telling the ad agency folks how I would have done the ad. I know from experience that one of the things that art directors and writers hate most are actors who tell them how to do their jobs during photo shoots.

I took Dash to the vet today to get his first antigen injection. Over time, these shots are supposed to help cure the bronzing condition that irritates his skin and turns his coat brown. My vet wants me to learn to give the shots to Dash myself, since he will need the injections for quite some time. I got my first lesson in how to handle a syringe today. It didn't seem all that hard, but I still don't like to look at needles. Maybe if I get good at giving Dash his shots, I'll finally work up the nerve to give myself the Peginterferon injections my doctor says I need.

I sent another FedEx box full of video tape to National Geographic today. They ought to have enough material on the dog and goat story now to do an entire series if they want. I'm always complaining about how dull my life is, but this year has actually been pretty interesting. I'm working on shows with National Geographic, I'm starring in a national Paypal ad and Dot and Dash have been featured in the local newspaper twice already.

Maybe this kind of stuff always happened, but I never remembered or appreciated it. Blogging has been good for me. The simple act of writing everything down has made me realize that there's a lot more to my life than I thought there was.

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  1. Wow! That is an incredible opportunity. Good luck and congrats!

  2. Congratulations to you!!! You're funny. I hope you do well on your photoshoot and be well-behaved... Hehe Have fun!!!