Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 291

Today was full of little mysteries. When I went out to mow the grass this morning, I saw three ambulances surrounding a car on our street. The car didn't appear to be damaged at all, and the ambulances weren't in any hurry to take anyone to the hospital. From time-to-time, paramedics would get out of one of the ambulances and walk over to hand the driver of the car paperwork to sign. This went on for over fifteen minutes. As I was finishing up mowing the front yard, a police car drove up and two officers got out and started handing the driver even more paperwork. I never did see the ambulances leave with anyone injured and still have no idea what had taken place in front of the house.

Later, while I was doing the grocery shopping, I checked in on the dogs using the iPhone petCam and saw them both racing up and down the hallway and barking like crazy. Usually they just sleep. By the time I got home, they were back asleep again and the house looked absolutely normal. I guess I'll never know what had them so riled up. I'll probably never even know if this is a common occurrence or not.

One mystery did get solved, however. I've been wondering all week if I would be flying up to Alberta next Monday. Nope. I guess not. The trip has been postponed because my German client wasn't able to set up meetings with the people I was supposed to interview. The project is still supposed to happen, but I don't know if they're talking about next week or next year. It would probably help if I could speak German a little better.

Usually, I don't like to do website work on weekends, but today I found myself still playing catch up on things that slipped through the cracks while I was away. It's amazing how quickly you can get behind. After a few days of neglect, even something as simple as answering e-mail can become a monumental task. I think I've finally caught up on everything though. If the weather stays as nice tomorrow as it was today, the dogs are going to have a great time at the Wagging Tail Dog Park.

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  1. Don't even talk about trying to keep up with email! Groan.