Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 310

I almost forgot that I needed to pick up Lance at the vet today and take him back to K-9 University. He's going to his forever home tomorrow and we wanted to have his teeth cleaned before he left the rescue program.

It was actually nice to have an excuse to get out of the house. There certainly wasn't anything worth hanging around for today. I'm getting the dreaded 0001001B Service Required message on my large format printer so often now that I don't even need to look it up and see what it means anymore. I've got it memorized. The shower pan is leaking again too. It's a slow leak, but it looks like it's time to get the wet/dry vac out again and suck up the standing water under the tile before it starts to smell bad. Oh, and the bees are back too.

I enjoyed spending some time with Lance while I was waiting for some prescriptions to be filled for the other dogs. Lance is such a friendly boy that I'm amazed it has taken him this long to find a home. The woman who is adopting him is delighted to have him though, so maybe it was worth the wait.

When I got back to the office I was pleased to discover the printer was still working and printed a large portrait of Nicco that one of my veterinarian clients had commissioned. Nicco was an office cat who had recently passed away and her picture will join several other deceased kitties on what I've come to call the dead cat wall. It's actually a sweet idea to keep the memory of these departed cats alive and I always try to select an image from my files that captures the cat's personality. I used to wonder why these cats died so quickly after I'd taken their photo, but I later learned that the clinic always tried to make a home for very old rescued cats that nobody else would adopt.

I wish something exciting would happen, but I'd probably settle for something decent to watch on TV. At least it's Friday tomorrow. For some reason this has seemed like a very long week.

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  1. Hooray for Lance! Hope you find some excitement for the weekend.