Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 313

What a difference a day makes. Too bad we couldn't have done the Halloween pet pictures today. There was a nice breeze and a clear blue sky for most of the day. It was the complete opposite of yesterday. We often have new dogs to walk on Sunday morning, but today, Ellis, a dog we had previously adopted was returned. There is a clause in the Dalmatian Rescue adoption contract that says if the adoption doesn't work out for some reason, the dog is to be returned to us. After all the work that goes into rehabilitating these dogs, the last thing we want is for them to wind up in the pound again. I don't know why the adoption didn't work out, but we'll find him a better home next time. Ellis was, and still is a great dog.

Walking the Dalmatians was about the only chance I got to enjoy all the nice weather. Today was cleaning day. Dot and Dash both got a bath. The floors got cleaned. All the bedding, including the oversize comforter, got washed. The photo equipment got put back in its proper place. And of course, yesterday's rain water got swept off the roof with the big push broom. While I was working up on the roof I noticed that there were thousands of acorns up there as well. They got pushed off the roof too. Luckily Dot and Dash have no interest in the acorns that drop off our oak trees every Fall. Our previous Dalmatian, Petey, almost killed himself several time by eating huge amounts of these acorns. We don't get a lot of acorns every year, but this year there is a bumper crop. Oddly, there aren't many pecans this year. When the pecan trees have a good crop of nuts, there aren't as many acorns. I have no idea why.

It looks like I'm going to be busy next week. I'd prefer if things just gradually slowed down for the rest of the year, but this always seems to be a busy time for advertising. Next Wednesday is also the annual Halloween party at dog training class. Wonder how long the dogs will keep their costumes on this year? Probably about ten seconds.

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  1. You always seem to be doing volunteer things. How do you do enough work to pay the bills?

  2. There's still plenty of time to work.