Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 316

Dash won the Halloween costume contest at obedience class tonight with his Texas Ranger costume. When his category was being judged, the game was just beginning and the Rangers where ahead two to nothing. I don't think he would have been given a prize at all if the judging were held a little later in the evening. The Rangers played terrible tonight. As you can see below, Dash wasn't too happy about the game either.

The entire day went kind of like this. I thought I was making good progress with some major updates on one my my client's websites and then I tried to add a third party application that they wanted. I couldn't get this add-on to work at all. I tried calling customer support for the application, which happened to be in Canada, but they all appeared to be gone for the day. Nobody returned my calls and I still can't get the add-on to work.

A bit later when I tried to upgrade the operating system in my iPad, my iTunes application froze right in the middle of the upgrade process. The little beach ball kept going round and round for twenty minutes as I looked at a message box that said "waiting for authentication server." A friend of mine had exactly the same thing happen to him when he tried to upgrade his iPhone not long ago. I opened a browser in another window and tried to find out what other people were doing when they found themselves in this situation. As usual, my Google search returned a raft of conflicting information that was virtually useless. Since everything still looked normal on the iPad itself, I figured the actual upgrade hadn't started yet and decided to just unplug the thing from my computer. Disaster averted this time, but I did waste several hours trying to decide what to do.

I snapped this picture of Dash during the waning moments of tonight's game. Somehow, it sums up the evening a lot better than the earlier pictures of his big win at obedience class. Hopefully, the Rangers will do better in game two. There is no joy in Mudville tonight.

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