Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 322 - Election Day

When I looked at my calendar this morning, I noticed that I'd scheduled a vet appointment for Dash at exactly the same time as my annual physical exam. Luckily, my vet is a bit more flexible than my doctor and I was able to reschedule Dash for a couple of hours earlier.

There was certainly enough to do today. There were a couple of web site revisions I needed to make right away because of employee changes. Nobody seems to want to leave an old employee up on their website very long. There were a couple of other changes I needed to make right away, because I forgot to make them on Friday like I said I would. When I went in for my physical later in the afternoon, I began to have second thoughts about the wisdom of having my personal physician as a client. I would ask him a question about blood in my urine and he would ask me a question in return about his website. I'm still not sure if I'm healthy or not. I do know I need to make some changes on the website though.

On the way home from the doctor I stopped by my polling place to vote. As I was walking in from the car, a woman stopped me and asked me if this was the last day you could vote. Uh, lady...it's election day. They're announcing the winners tonight. "Yes," I told her, "This is the last day you can vote." "Damn," she said and got into her car and drove away. People never fail to amaze me.

I'm glad the elections are over. The telemarketers were relentless this year. In recent days, I've been getting ten to fifteen political telemarketing calls a day. It wouldn't be so bad if Dot hadn't appointed herself the office receptionist and started barking like crazy every time the phone rings. If I don't pick up the phone right away she barks some more and races back to the office and sits by the phone. Sadly, I think she picked up this odd behavior from me. About a year ago there was something wrong with the kitchen phone and the office phone was the only phone in the house with a working caller ID. I hate to pick up telemarketing calls, so if I wasn't in the office, I would race back to see who was on the line before picking up the call. Dot, of course, would race right along with me and now she thinks this is the normal way you answer a phone. I try to explain to her that all the caller ID's work now, but I don't think she gets it.

It rained all day. I don't know what that did to voter turnout, but it didn't stop me from voting.

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  1. election day? i don't know about it.. hehe

  2. That puppy sure looks like it's giving the evil eye to those telemarketers