Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 327

Nobody believes that I've got a dog that makes sounds like a bird, so I thought I'd show you a short video clip of our journey to the Wagging Tail dog park this afternoon. This is actually a fairly mild example of Dash's unique ability to turn a simple trip across town into something that rivals Dante's decent into hell. Once we get where we're going, he's fine. Getting there is no picnic though.

We got to meet Chase for the first time when we went to walk the rescue dogs this morning. Like several others in the rescue program this year, Chase was an owner surrender. I still find it hard to understand how someone can abandon a wonderful dog like this, but it happens all the time. People move to another city and leave their dog behind. Couples get divorced and neither of them wants the dog. These dogs have done nothing wrong, but they always seem to get the short end of the stick. Luckily, Chase is going to get a second chance. He's such a calm, well-adjusted dog that he ought to find a home very quickly. He's certainly off to a good start. A lady came and looked at him today on his very first day at the kennel.

I'm not wild about the time change today. Even though the temperature is still in the 70's, the early evening darkness makes it feel like Winter has arrived. I have to start walking Dot and Dash earlier in the evenings now. I don't like to walk them after dark, because there are so many Coyotes living in the park. When the Coyotes first made the park their home, they were quite timid, but they appear to be getting bolder with each passing year. They routinely attack cats and small animals now and I'm afraid it's just a matter ot time before a pack goes after something larger.

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