Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 331 - Veterans Day

I am really getting frustrated with my Epson 4000. I had to print the Santa Paws posters over again this afternoon because we added a third location at the last minute. It took me forever to get the color on the new poster to match the original. The magenta ink wasn't printing properly for some reason and that isn't a good thing when the main object in your photo is a guy in a red Santa suit. By the time I finally got the printer unclogged and working properly, I was out of ink. Oh well. Another trip to Imaging Spectrum. Another $300 down the drain.

On the way home, I stopped at Competitive Camera to look at the new Olympus E-5. I ended up getting an E-5 body, partially because it is a big improvement over the E-3 I currently use and partially because I was so mad at my aging, faulty printer that I just wanted something shiny and new for a change. I'm doing enough commercial photography that I can easily justify a camera upgrade. It's a lot harder to justify a new printer however. The only thing I use the large printer for these days is making fancy posters for Dalmatian Rescue. Janet says I don't need a huge, expensive printer at all and should just take my stuff to Kinkos like a normal person. I'm not a normal person unfortunately.

I signed up for a Facebook account today, but didn't have time to do anything with it. Right now, my wall is completely empty and I have zero friends. The only reason I created the Facebook account was so I'd be able to use the new fundraising tools that the Paypal folks gave me to help Dalmatian Rescue. The page will probably end up being more about Dalmatians than about me anyway. I do need to do do something though, primarily so I won't embarrass myself like I did with my empty Twitter account. Maybe I can just feed these blog posts to Facebook and I won't have to add anything to my wall at all. One thing's for sure. Life was a lot easier when the only things on the Internet were a few Usenet newsgroups.

It's raining again in Dallas. That means wet dogs to clean, muddy floors to scrub and a big pile of damp towels to wash. Hopefully, the weather will be nice this weekend for Pet Fair. I think the goat and Great Dane friends are finally going to go to their new home this weekend too.

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  1. John: In what way can I help?

  2. I'd like to be your friend on Facebook, so I've sent you a request. But if you accept me, don't expect lots of activity there.