Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 332

Right after breakfast I got a call that there was a new Dalmatian to pick up at the Garland pound. I left to get the dog right away because you'd hate for anyone to put a dog down because you didn't get there in time. It's kind of a tradition in Dalmatian Rescue that whoever picks up a stray gets to name them. I tried to think of a good name while I was driving over to the animal control building. When I saw the dog, he looked lost and I decided to name him Ranger. I guess he reminded me of how lost our baseball team looked in the final game against San Francisco. Ranger has heartworms, so I took him straight to the vet. He's going to be a great companion for someone as soon as we get him healthy again.

Picking up Ranger put me behind for the rest of the day. I really doesn't take much to get me off schedule, since I usually get started so late. I'm not a morning person. By the time I've made the bed, taken a shower, walked the dogs and eaten my own breakfast, it's usually time for lunch. I spent the remainder of the day getting my November invoices out and updating one of my clients websites. I'd just about got caught up on my website work when I realized it was dark outside and I needed to take Dot and Dash on their evening walk. The time change hasn't been good for me. I waste the extra hour of daylight in the morning because I don't want to get up, and then when I'm finally running on all cylinders, it's dark again. No coyotes tonight, but I'm still not fond of walking the dogs in the dark.

My Facebook page is up. So far, it looks a lot more like the run-down apartment I lived in at college, than the grand mansion I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I think it's time to open the doors and let everyone in. Please stop by and say hello. I think a couple of you are already camped outside the front door, but I promise to unlock things and welcome you in as soon as I finish this post. Hopefully, I'll think of something to keep the page interesting for everyone, even though I have no interest in online games and seldom have time to chat.

It was seventy degrees when I woke up this morning and it's already down in the low fifties. Looks like a cold front is on the way. Personally, I'd love to see an early freeze. The dogs have been covered with ticks for the past several days. The park is full of them. When the weather gets cooler the ticks look for a warmer home for the winter and usually it's a passing dog. A good long freeze is the only thing that gets rid of these nasty ticks. Until then, there's always Frontline.

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  1. oh my goodness I got arrested due to a dog I adopted at the Garland pound!

    It was years ago and at that time they did not spay or neuter the dogs, they still may not. I don't know. But, I do know, I found out the hard way, that you better get the pet spayed or neutered.

    I adopted a little dog, which we had for years, but I did not have things taken car of right away and a few after adopted him I got pulled over for speeding.

    Well, the next thing I knew the police officer walked up to my door, informed there was a warrant for my arrest and asked to get out of the vehicle.

    I was stunned!! A warrant for my arrest? I had not done anything and he couldn't tell me what the warrant was for. So off to jail I went in tears and scared to death all the way.

    When I got there and they processed me I was informed the warrant was from the city of Garland because I had not had my little fixed yet. I was shocked!!

    Several hours and and several hundred dollars later I was finally released.

    Moral Here:Don't put off having your dog/cat spayed or neutered!!

    My oldest daughter was born in Garland. It's a small world out here!
    Happy Saturday,

  2. Please excuse the typos in my post above. It's early and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee this morning!!:-)

  3. Poor Ranger! I hope he can be cured. Is that his picture?