Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 334

Good news today! Mow the goat, Judy the Great Dane and Lucky the three legged dog finally found their forever home. They will live in on a ranch in Ennis, Texas with a Llama, two horses, a Great Pyrenees, four other goats, fourteen cats and some chickens. The couple who adopted the trio truly loves animals. They have been helping animals in need for many years and have been hoping to provide a home for the goat and his canine friends ever since they saw their story on a local newscast several months ago. The couple is very familiar with having a goat as a pet and told me that one of their previous goats ate the license plate off their car. When the couple met the animals for the first time at today's Pet Fair celebration, it seemed like they were being reunited with long lost friends. I think these animals are going to have a great home.

The conclusion of this story is good news for me as well. It means that I am finally finished with the National Geographic Channel show I have been working on for most of the Summer. There were many times when I thought that National Geographic would lose interest in the story before I could finish it. Now that the animals have a home, I'm optimistic that the show will actually get on the air. I'll FedEx the final batch of video tapes off to Washington DC tomorrow and then wait to see it on TV like everyone else.

I was so busy filming the final interviews for the show today that Dot and Dash got shortchanged and didn't get the attention they thought they deserved. They looked so forlorn when I was unpacking my equipment after the shoot that we decided to take them up to Wagging Tail Dog Park anyway, even though it was late in the day. Unfortunately, when we arrived we discovered that the park was closed because of standing water from a recent rain. We made it back home just in time for a walk in the park as the sun was setting.

Next weekend will be more of the same. Dalmatian Rescue will be having the first of our three Santa Paws Christmas Photo events on Saturday. At least the still cameras are a lot lighter that the Beta-SP equipment I wrestled with today. I felt like I'd been carrying a load of bricks after having the twenty-five pound camera on my shoulder for several hours. Sore shoulders notwithstanding, it was still a good day. I'm glad the goat found a nice home

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  1. I'm really glad for a happy ending to that story, and thanks for a nice "puppy fix." It's not the same without the puppy smell and the wiggling, but that pic was close!

    We don't get the cable stations, but perhaps if the story comes out, I'll get to see it sometime (I hate digital TV- we get the same channels we always did, but now they break up regularly. Not an improvement to those of us in the country)