Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 338

I saw a little lizard on the back porch when I was taking the trash out today. It's probably the last lizard I'll see this year. It's getting colder now. The lizards and snakes are going into hibernation and the coyotes are becoming more active. I enjoy the slow rhythm of seasonal changes. Now that I'm walking the dogs around sunset, I've noticed that the sun sets a little further to the south each day. There are a few days each year when the sun sets directly behind the city skyline on the horizon. I've always wanted to get a picture of this. Maybe this year I will.

I had another doctor's appointment today. It's weird having your doctor as a client. It's the first time I've ever had a customer of mine give me a prostate exam anyway. When I'm at the doctor, the conversation goes back and forth between the current state of my health and the doctor's marketing plans. I actually like having everyone I know as a client. Life is simpler this way. When everyone is a client, there is always a clear reason for getting together and of course it's nice getting paid for idle chit-chat. I've tried to get various repair people to become clients, but usually they just have their kids do their websites for them. I've tried to get the Land Rover dealer to become a client too, but Land Rover is too big and corporate. Veterinarians seem to be the sweet spot in the middle. All my veterinarians are clients now.

I think I've finally got this social media stuff figured out. Facebook friends are people you've had lunch with once or twice. LinkedIn connections are people you've worked in the same building with. And Twitter followers are absolute total strangers.

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  1. I just dropped by to see how Alvin was doing.

  2. Dogs that sit like the ones in today's pic are too funny!

    Have you seen my kitchenhenge series? Blogging made me get my act together and actually take those solstice/equinox pictures.

    doctor story? maybe TMI

  3. nice blog. i miss living in texas, we enjoyed wearing shorts on christmas

  4. Bruce: Alvin is doing great. You can keep tabs on his progress by going to his page on the Dalmatian Rescue website at:

    Joan: Yes, I have seen the Kitchenhenge pictures. Very cool!