Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 349

I had to see a new doctor today. I hate to add additional doctors to the growing list of physicians I already see, because it means I have to sit in somebody's lobby for forty-five minutes filling out page-after-page of new patient paper work. It seems like most doctors still haven't entered the information age. They still keep floor-to-ceiling file folders full of paper. Wouldn't it be easier to just fill out this information once and store it in the cloud somewhere where all the doctors could use it? It makes sense to me anyway.

Part of today's exam involved getting a CAT Scan. CT Scans are much easier for me than getting an MRI done. Getting placed inside one of those MRI machines is somewhat like being placed in a coffin. They're incredibly loud too. With a CAT Scan, they just slide your body through a big ring. It's all very Sci-Fi with lots of lights and rotating gizmos. The whole experience leaves you feeling like you ought to be teleported to another planet or something when you go through the ring. I'm always kind of disappointed that I end up in the same little room where I started. These days I always ask the nurse to burn me a disc of the scans. You never know when an image of my brain or some other body part is exactly what I'm looking for to illustrate the blog.

Cyber Monday came and went without me buying anything at all. When did Cyber Monday get to be such a big deal anyway? I'm pretty sure that if I got this huge urge to buy a computer tomorrow, I could find exactly the same sort of deals that retailers were touting today. And before I forget... I knew this would happen. I haven't even been on Facebook a month yet and I've already been "unfriended." Oh well...easy come, easy go.

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  1. What a great blog you have here. Loving the Dalmations. Will need to read more about your health. I wish you well.

    I'm coming by through EC and adding you to my "favorites list."

    Be back soon!

  2. I don't do well in those CT/MRI machines. I don't know why that is, other than I know what invisible beams are being showered over me.