Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 355

When we tallied up the receipts from yesterday's photo shoot, we made over $1000 for the Dalmatians. This wasn't quite as good as we did a few weeks ago at Camp Bow Wow, but considering that none of yesterday's customers were big spenders, I think the day was a huge success. Our recent Facebook donation campaign has already pulled in over $500 as well. We are also selling poinsettia plants and doing gift wrapping at local shopping malls. Just about every dime we make goes to pay vet and kennel bills. Sometimes our kennel bill alone is over $200 a week. The work is hard and we are always running out of money, but at least you feel like you are doing something good when you find an animal a home. That's a lot more than I can say for the advertising work I do. If I still didn't have bills to pay, I'd probably spend all my time working with animal rescue groups. I love watching that show called Dog Town on the National Geographic Channel. It would be nice to feel like your job really mattered. You can tell that all the people on the show who work at the Dog Town animal sanctuary love their jobs. Most people I know hate their jobs.

It was a cool, brisk day and I thought our dogs would love this afternoon's outing to the Wagging Tail Dog Park. There were plenty of dogs to play with today, including Dash's favorite playmates: puppies and Beagles. Dot and Dash did absolutely nothing when they got to the park though. They just followed us around like they were glued to us and didn't play with anyone. I've come to accept the fact that dogs can be just as moody as people. I just never know what causes the mood swings. Next week they'll probably be racing around the park and getting muddy again.

Maybe the dogs are worrying about money. I know I am. Real estate taxes are due in a few weeks and my plan of paying all the property taxes with stock market gains isn't exactly working out as planned.

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  1. Oh, those property tax woes. I am in a pickle there too. Not a good scenario.