Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 356

I started the day by driving Janet to her periodontist for dental surgery. Next week she'll return the favor by driving me to Medical City for my own minor surgery. Both of us used to to be able to go years without visiting the doctor, but those days appear to be over. Lately, if I don't have a doctor's appointment myself, I'm taking one of the the dogs to the vet. It's always something. My health hasn't really changed all that much, but I'm definitely trying to take a little better care of myself.

I'm also trying my best not to let the holidays put me behind the 8-ball at work. The Christmas season is traditionally a busy time for advertisers. I always seem to have a lot more website updates during December. Today I worked my way through a laundry list of small changes and there'll probably be more tomorrow. I've given up on getting caught up on everything this year. All I want now is not to get even further behind. I'm in awe of bloggers who manage to keep half a dozen different blogs current at the same time. Once I get my work done for the day, this one little blog is more than enough for me.

I am getting some help from you guys though. Today, I'm very pleased to feature our very first blogger Dalmatian of the Day. Today's dog is Emma, a sweet deaf Dalmatian who was rescued recently by Katherine at Shoot Me Now. Be sure to visit Katherine's blog and read more about Emma's adventures. Emma may be deaf, but her sense of smell is still intact. If there is a tennis ball anywhere in the room, Emma will find it.

Dalmatian of the Day

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  1. Hooray for Emma! I'm off to visit Shoot Me Now. Wish I had a bunch of little sites that need work. I'm up to date on all mine... Need cash!