Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 357

Brrr. Winter has definitely arrived. Even though I went to high school in Alaska and spent several Winters in Idaho, I just can't take the cold anymore. I guess I've lived in the South to long. On days like this when the temperature never climbs above the mid-thirties, I walk around freezing all day. I cranked up the heat and wore a sweater around the house while I was working, but I was still cold.

Our neighbors have started burning designer logs in their fireplaces again. When I go outside to walk the dogs, the neighborhood smells like Colorado is burning. The smell is almost overpowering. I lived in Aspen right after I graduated from college and I know the distinct fragrance of piñon pine. I never dreamed I'd see people paying several dollars for a small log of the stuff in the grocery store however. These expensive designer logs really seem to have caught on. You can buy mesquite firewood, as well as maple, pecan and the current favorite, piñon pine just about anywhere. We don't even have a fireplace, but on cold days like this it doesn't seem to matter. The smell of the neighbor's burning logs comes right through the walls.

Dash had to go to the vet for another antigen shot today. His skin condition has really improved since he started taking the injections. Now, we only have to have the shots once every two weeks. While I was over at the vet, I discovered that the story of Mow, the friendly goat and his dog pals is still alive. Evidently someone at People Magazine is doing a feature on the animals and they want me to send them some of the pictures I've been taking.

This month is just racing by. It's time to get my invoices out again. It's just about time to get Christmas cards in the mail too. I don't think I'll send cards out this year though. I don't remember many mailing addresses anyway. Sending e-mail has become so ubiquitous that actual physical addresses just gather dust and are eventually forgotten. Every time I change computers, I lose a ton of old addresses because I never bother to export all the contact information over to the new computer. It just doesn't seem to matter anymore. If you lose someone on your Rollodex, you'll eventually find them again on Facebook anyway.

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  1. My guy is always cold too. He's sitting here in heavy flannel pj's with a blanket over his knees, and I'm in shorts and a t-shirt and I'm sweating.

    Love that dog expression!