Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 360

I got a glimpse of the future today and it wasn't pretty. My friend Harry Harrison called me this morning and asked me to take a look at the website he was launching for his new book. The website looked great and I asked him who his designer was. Harry said he did the website himself on his laptop using iWeb. I'm doomed. The website Harry showed me was just as professional looking as anything I do for my clients. Harry and technology have never been friends. If he's doing his own websites now, pretty soon Janet will be doing them. I often wonder how I'm going to earn a living five years from now. The Internet has democratized virtually everything I do. You can buy fantastic stock photos on the Internet for just a few dollars. There are inexpensive, professional looking web templates that can be customized for just about everything. A lot of people have phones that can take better movies than my expensive and obolete Beta-SP equipment. What's a creative boy to do?

I got a knock on my door this morning and it turned out to be a guy who wanted to look at my Defender 90 in the driveway. He had just bought one of these vehicles for himself and I guess he was very fond of them. At any rate, I'm glad he stopped by. Turns out the guy was a restoration specialist who was remodeling a house down the street. I showed him a few things that were falling apart on my house and he said he said he could fix them. The guy also collects watches and unlike many people working in the construction business in Dallas, he speaks perfect English. If this guy is any good, it will be the luckiest thing that has happened to me all month. Good contractors are really hard to find.

I just finished packing up all my photo equipment for tomorrow's Santa Paws photo event. I've got my website work for the week finished as well. It's been a very busy day. As soon as I finish today's blog entry, I'll take the dogs on their evening walk and then it will be time to transform myself into a roulette dealer for this evening's Dalmatian Rescue Casino Party. I usually don't post to the blog this early, but I know I'll be too tired to do much of anything when I get home. There'll still be EC and Adgitize dropping to do later, but I can do that in my sleep. Too bad I couldn't get one of you guys to do my clicking for me.

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  1. Dalmatian casino party... instead of red and black, did you have black and white? :)

  2. Yup, I've lost both my big accounts, and am definitely looking for other alternatives. Back to sewing? So far you can't mend pants virtually.