Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 156

Last month, after one of our Dalmatian Rescue pet picture events, the manager at Unleashed told me that if I brought down some of my photos, they would display them in the lobby and distribute some of my marketing post cards as well. I finally got the pictures printed and framed today. I need to be a little quicker to take advantage of opportunities like this, but other things keep getting in the way. At any rate, when I took the large framed photos to the dog park this afternoon, they still remembered their offer and said they'd hang the pictures tomorrow. One more thing I can check off my endless "to do" list. Hey, It can't hurt to be seen. Maybe I'll even get some business.

I don't know how my interview with the petrochemical executive in Brazil is going to go tomorrow. I got an e-mail from the guy's secretary telling me to call at 3PM, since I was two hours ahead of them in Rio and her boss wanted to do the interview at 1 PM. When I looked at a map, it appeared that Dallas was actually 3 hours behind Rio and I should be calling at 10 AM instead. Maybe Brazil doesn't have daylight saving time though and Dallas is only 2 hours behind. I have no idea when to call these people. Maybe they should just call me.

Yesterday's stock market woes only seemed to grow worse today. Everyone is worried about whether the Germans are going to bail out Greece and whether the Euro is going to fall even further. I used to do a lot of work in Germany. The Germans I worked with never liked the Euro in the first place and would have much rather kept their beloved Deutsche Mark instead. I can't imagine that these Germans are very happy about bailing out the Greeks. Oddly, when I first got the assignment to write this petrochemical article several months ago, I agreed to be paid in Euros. The value of the Euro had dropped like a stone ever since.

What an odd life I have. One day I'm dealing with multi-national corporations and foreign currencies. The next day I'm taking pictures of someone's dog.

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