Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 205

I was working on some website stuff this morning when the phone rang. It was NBC news. They asked if they could use my pictures of the sheriff hauling the goat away for a follow-up story they were doing about the unlikely Great Dane and goat friendship I've been telling you about. When I found out that the NBC producers had gotten my name from the pet orphanage people and they were OK with the pictures being used in media stories, I let NBC have them. I actually hope that the network is able to do something to generate more interest in this story. I found out today that when the county quarantines "stray farm animals" like this, they just sell them at a livestock auction if the farmer who owns the animal doesn't come to claim it. This means that Minnelli, the goat, could easily wind up as cabrito on some restaurant menu if the orphanage can't get him back.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I still don't understand why the sheriff's department wants the goat in the first place. This particular goat is obviously a pet and it really does get along great with the Great Dane. People from as far away as Vermont have already offered to adopt the pair and provide them a good home. Actually, dozens of people have offered to adopt the dog and goat, but this doesn't seem to matter to the sheriff's department. Rules are rules. This is what happens when bureaucracies get involved with something. Common sense gets thrown out the window.

I'm really getting sick of all the rain we're having. I seem to be continually either cleaning mud off the dogs or sweeping water off the roof. I got all the water off the roof this afternoon and five minutes later it started raining again. Oh well. At least it's good exercise. I've also discovered that the dogs listen to me better when I'm up on the roof. When I was sweeping the water away today I saw Dash digging a hole in the back yard. I told him to stop digging in my best voice of god voice and he looked up and immediately stopped. If I was standing next to him in the yard, I doubt that he would have listened to me.

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